7 Layer Tex Mex Dip

What You'll Need:

Refried beans Taco Seasoning Avocados Garlic Jalapeno Cilantro Lime Juice Kosher Salt Ground Cumin Sour Cream Grated Cheese Roma Tomatoes Green Onions Black Olives

Combine the refried beans and taco seasoning in a large bowl, stirring well until smooth and combined.

Spread evenly in the bottom of a 9x13-inch dish.

Add the garlic, jalapeno, and cilantro to a large bowl. Use the bottom of a spoon to press and mash them against the bottom or sides of the bowl to release their juices and oils a bit. Then add the avocados, lime juice, cumin, and salt. Mash until fairly smooth.

Spread the guacamole evenly over the bean layer.

Spread the sour cream over the guacamole. Be sure to go all the way to the edges of the dish to cover the guacamole to prevent it from browning.

Sprinkle the cheese over the sour cream layer.

Top with the diced tomatoes...

Green onions...

... And olives! Refrigerate until ready to serve.

This is such a perfect recipe for any type of game day party, summer potluck, or even a backyard BBQ, especially there's a Mexican theme.

This dip is a staple at every holiday gathering and summer party. It's one of my all-time favorites. The distinct layers of color and flavors always make it a crowd-pleaser, and it's a cinch to throw together, especially if you take some shortcuts like using premade guacamole from the store.

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