Easy Cheesy Lasagna Soup

What You'll Need:

Mild Italian Sausage Lean Ground Beef Yellow Onion Garlic Cloves Chicken Broth Tomatoes Tomato Paste Carrot Zucchini Fresh Parsley Dried Basil Dried Oregano Granulated Sugar Kosher Salt Pepper Rosemary Fennel Seeds Thyme Red Pepper Flakes Bay Leaf Lasagna Noodles Mozzarella Cheese Parmesan Cheese Ricotta Cheese Fresh Basil

In a dutch oven or large pot, combine the Italian sausage, ground beef and onions and brown over medium heat. Break up the meat into small chunks while it cooks, until meat is no longer pink.

Add the minced garlic right at the end and stir into the meat and onions, cooking for another 30-60 seconds and drain excess fat from the pan.

Add the crushed and diced tomatoes, and the tomato paste.

Add 6 cups of the chicken broth.

Add the chopped carrot and zucchini.

Add all the herbs and spices. Stir, then bring to a boil. Cook for 5 minutes.

Add the broken lasagna noodles to the soup and continue to cook until the vegetables are tender and the pasta is al dente.

Discard bay leaf and stir in the remaining 2-4 cups of chicken broth until the soup is the consistency you like it.

Remove from the heat and sprinkle the mozzarella cheese on top.

Sprinkle the parmesan cheese on top.

Stir the cheese into the soup for a minute or two until it has had a chance to melt, then divide the soup into bowls.

Drop small dollops of Ricotta cheese over the top of each serving and sprinkle with a few strips of basil and additional parmesan cheese to serve.

If you are craving a big bowl of comfort, look no further! I love soup. And I love lasagna. So this 30-minute one-pot Cheesy Lasagna Soup is the ultimate!

You get all the flavor and texture of lasagna with way less work, fewer dishes, and a lot less time than making a traditional lasagna! The ingredient list is long, but it's mostly pantry staples utilizing dried herbs to develop the flavor of the broth.

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