Red, White, and Blue Berry Trifle

What You'll Need:

Angel Food Cake Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix Cold Milk Heavy Whipping Cream Powdered Sugar Vanilla Extract Strawberries Blueberries Raspberries

Make the pudding by whisking the pudding mix with the cold milk for 2 minutes, then let it sit in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to thicken.

Beat the heavy cream with the powdered sugar and vanilla extract until stiff peaks form. Set aside.

Slice the angel food cake into cubed pieces. Prepare the fruit.

In a large trifle dish or glass bowl, arrange ½ of the angel food cake pieces.

Add a layer of berries, arranging the fruit around the side of the trifle dish or bowl for a nice presentation.

Top with half of the pudding, then add half of the blueberries and raspberries on top of that.

Cover the berries with half of the whipped cream. Repeat with remaining cake, fruit, pudding and whipped cream.

Decorate with additional berries on top, if desired. Chill for 1 hour before serving.

This recipe is not only fun for patriotic holidays but is also a simple refreshing dessert for any summer day and can be made with any of your favorite fruits and berries!

This is one of the most unfussy 4th of July recipes I've seen that doesn't require meticulous placement of fruit or using food dye to create something seasonal which is red, white, and blue. This recipe is definitely a crowd-pleaser and the presentation is absolutely stunning!

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