Easy Turkey Brine Recipe

What You'll Need:

Garlic Water Bay leaves A large pot Fresh herbs Orange peel Brown sugar A whole turkey Coarse Kosher salt Black peppercorns

We have been brining our Thanksgiving turkeys for YEARS now and it is the key to a tender and juicy turkey. It doesn't matter how you'll cook your turkey, brining makes it amazing every time.

We're talking eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head type good! More succulent, tender bites of meat, and crispier skin with better flavoring.

What Is Brining?

The brining process involves submerging a larger piece of meat in a water & salt solution.

You can do a brine with just the water and salt, but we like to add extra flavor with fresh herbs, brown sugar, some spices, and citrus peel.

How Long To Brine A Turkey?

The size of your turkey will determine how long you will want to brine it.

If your turkey is less than 15 pounds, I recommend brining for 12 to 24 hours.

Larger turkeys can brine for up to 2 days.

Top Brining Tips:

• Completely cover the turkey with the brine. If it starts to float then weigh it down with a heavy plate with some cans set on top. • There is no need to salt the turkey after brining it. You may not need any extra salt in the gravy either. Be sure to put the turkey into the brine solution with the breast side down for the best penetration.

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