Robin's Egg Easter Cupcakes

What You'll Need:

All-Purpose Flour Cornstarch Baking Powder Baking Soda Salt Salted Butter Granulated Sugar Egg Whites Vanilla Extract Almond Extract (optional) Coconut Extract (optional) Sour Cream Whole Milk Powdered Sugar Heavy Cream Blue Food Coloring Cocoa Powder Cadbury Mini Eggs

Spring has finally arrived, and there are blossoms growing everywhere and birds chirping!

That also means it's time to stock up on those addicting Cadbury mini eggs again! I'm not sure what it is about the candy shell that surrounds the milk chocolate center, but they're the most irresistible candy of them all!

I discovered these robin's egg blue speckled cupcakes on Pinterest several years ago and haven't stopped thinking about them since. So I had to buy a bag of Cadbury mini eggs early and hide them just so I could make these before they were all gone!

But instead of a chocolate base like the original inspiration cupcake, I wanted a classic white cupcake. And of course I made it from scratch instead of using a cake mix!

To be honest, I have almost no artistic talent, and I am practically ecstatic with how lovely and cute these turned out. It's just my style of decorating: simple, sweet, and effortless. Anyone can do it!

This easy recipe is so much fun to make, and a great way to get kids involved in an exciting baking activity for Easter!

These adorable Robin's Egg Easter Cupcakes are the ideal festive treat for a springtime celebration. They are made with soft white cupcakes and pale blue buttercream, adorned with little Cadbury eggs and sprinkled with dots!

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