These recipes showcase just some of the foods that Colorado is famous for. "The Centennial State" and was the 38th state to join the U.S.A in 1876, 100 years after the U.S. declared its independence from Great Britain.

Colorado is known for being a paradise for outdoors enthusiasts. There is fishing for trout, hiking any number of trails or one of the 58 mountain peaks that top 14,000 feet, and excellent skiing in the winter.

Pan Fried TroutCrock Pot Pork Green Chili, and Rocky Mountain Avalanche Bars represent some of the best foods that Colorado is known for. But you might also hear about their famous Palisade peaches, Rocky Mountain oysters, Denver omelets, or enjoy a delicious lamb dish when you visit!

scooping pork green chili out of a slow cooker with a ladel