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Hi! My name is Amy and I’m glad you’re here! I started this blog as a way to share our favorite recipes and the stories that go with them. Food is something that brings our families together every day and creates memories that last a lifetime. This is my way of documenting those memories (well, at least the ones where the food turns out tasty instead of terrible – we all have those days!).

Before the girls came along, I worked as a litigation attorney in Silicon Valley. My husband and I love where we live in the California Bay Area and hope to never leave. Except for when we travel, which is one of our primary passions in life. When our girls were 4 and 22 months, we took them on their first international trip to Cambodia and Thailand and they dined on curries and noodles and mango sticky rice and rode elephants through the jungle. We are already dreaming about our next big adventure out of the country with them! I get inspired by foods and flavors from some of our favorite countries that we have visited in the past – Turkey, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Germany, France, Mexico and Peru to name a few.

Amy House of Nash Eats

I love my camera, travel, books, cooking, and exercise. When it comes to food, I basically want to try everything and consider myself an adventurous eater. Which is perhaps a side-effect of being an adventurous traveler! My husband and I adopted our two girls at birth and feel like the luckiest parents on earth. They are my little kitchen-helpers, principal mess-makers and chief taste-testers, although their feedback is usually limited to “yum-yum!” or “yuck!”. Maybe with a thumbs-up or down thrown in the mix. I’m held to exacting standards.

I like to cook healthy meals and decidedly less-healthy desserts. It’s all about balance, right? A college roommate once told me she only eats cookies in even numbers – one for each hip – and I’ve got to admit that there is logic in that statement that I can get behind. Especially when you extend it to slices of pie.

I love learning and trying new things. And talking all things food, photography, and travel related with other adventure-seekers and food-lovers is my favorite. Which makes food blogging the perfect hobby for me! I hope we can be friends. Thanks for visiting!