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I grew up learning to bake the best homemade cakes from my mom using all of our favorite recipes. Then I married someone who thought nothing could beat a box cake mix.

It has taken me years of testing and perfecting, but I’m happy to share all my best cake recipes that have each been tried and tested dozens of times, in most cases. Even my husband, who loves the light, moist results of box cake mixes, has discovered that a really good cake recipe that is made from scratch is always superior to the artificial, flat, fake flavor of a box mix.

Seriously, if you have someone in your life who needs convincing, make a batch of these moist chocolate cupcakes and a box of chocolate cake mix and invite them to do a side-by-side comparison and taste test. The homemade version will win every time.

If you need even more convincing, just go read the comments on my yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Here is just one example of many similar comments left on that post:

“I also grew up with those boxes of yellow cake. When we had kids, we decided we wanted to try to limit the extras that are added to processed food. We have tried baking yellow cake, after yellow cake. None had that soft, fluffy and sweet texture and taste that we were looking for.

When my husband, said that he was just going to cave and buy a box of yellow cake mix, my kids and I scoured the internet and cookbooks for what seemed like it may be the right one. Luckily, after hours (yes, hours) of searching and reading and debating, we found and tried yours.

THANK YOU! My husband thanks you. My kids thank you, and I thank you. It’s even better than the store bought, and no extra junk!

We quickly printed off your recipe and added it to my kids’ recipe book. We now have the perfect yellow cake recipe. I’m looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Thank you again!” – Theresa

Whether you are an experienced baker or this is your first time baking a homemade cake from scratch, my goal is for you to have success with any of these recipes! I include all my best tips and tricks in every post and provide step-by-step directions for how to get the best results every time.

My Top Tips for Making the Best Homemade Cakes

  • Use room temperature ingredients. It really does make a difference to use room temperature butter and eggs when making a cake recipe from scratch.
  • Don’t overmix. Go ahead and cream that butter and sugar, but once you start adding wet and dry ingredients, you usually will want to just mix until combined.
  • Don’t overbake. If you feel like your homemade cakes are coming out dry, chances are they were baked just a little too long.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here or have baking questions, email me at and tell me what cake recipe YOU want to see on here. I’ll see if I can add the recipe to my collection! Chances are I have one and just haven’t gotten around to posting it yet!