These recipes showcase just some of the foods that Wisconsin is famous for. "The Badger State" was the 30th state to join the U.S.A in 1848. It's home to America's Dairyland and is strongly influenced by its German-American and Scandinavian American culture. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Harry Houdini, and even Barbie all hail from Wisconsin.

When it comes to food, Wisconsin is all about CHEESE! Specifically, cheese curds, whether they are fresh or fried, but also lots of other kinds of cheese. We spent time in Door County, Wisconsin, which is celebrated for it's delicious tart cherries as well. Another super popular food that Wisconsin is known for is the delicious Kringle, which originated in Racine, WI. It's a pastry shaped like an oval and filled with wonderful fillings like cherry, apple, or others. Wisconsin is also where the delicious morning bun was invented!

Beer brats, cornish pasties, beer cheese soup, butter burgers, cream puffs, fish fries and fish boils, Swedish pancakes, blue moon ice cream, and almond cranberry bread are also all popular foods you might enjoy on a visit to Wisconsin!