These recipes showcase just some of the foods that California is famous for. "The Golden State" was the 31st state to join the U.S.A. It's home to the Gold Rush, beaches, Disneyland, Yosemite, the Golden Gate, soaring redwoods & sequoia trees, and many other amazing wonders.

Baja Fish Tacos and Grilled Tri-Tip are a nod to the close ties California holds with Mexico, of which it was a part for 27 years in the 1800's. Cioppino is a seafood stew popularized in San Francisco among Italian immigrants. And Burnt Almond Cake is a San Jose favorite that my husband remembers enjoying when growing up there.

Mission burritos, Cobb Salad, In-N-Out burgers, fortune cookies, sourdough bread, French Dip Sandwiches, ranch dressing, and avocado toast are all California creations, and there are many more recipes and ingredients that all have close ties to my home state!

fish tacos on a plate with salsa lime wedges and fresh tortillas to the side