These recipes showcase just some of the foods that Kentucky is famous for. "The Bluegrass State" was the 15th state to join the U.S.A in 1792. It's home to Mammoth Caves National Park, the Kentucky Derby, bourbon (almost 95% of all bourbon comes from Kentucky), bluegrass music, and Fort Knox.

When it comes to food, Kentucky is known for its Fried Chicken and the incredibly delicious Hot Brown Sandwich, which are open face sandwiches you eat with a knife and fork. Mint Juleps (my version is non-alcoholic so everyone can enjoy) and Chocolate Walnut Pie are two more delicious Kentucky foods that are especially popular on Derby Day.

Burgoo (a dense meat and vegetable stew), spoonbread (we call it Corn Casserole), Benedictine (a cucumber and cream cheese spread), and bread pudding with bourbon sauce are also all popular foods you might enjoy on a visit to Kentucky!

A close image of pieces of fried chicken on a plate.