Save yourself time, money, and hassle with this ready-made meal plan and shopping list to eat better and cook healthier this week! Each tried-and-tested recipe in this weekly meal plan was carefully selected and ready in under 45 minutes each night. The family-friendly menu this week includes our popular Zuppa Toscana, Korean Beef Tacos, Marry Me Chicken, Chicken Flautas, Southern Fried Catfish and bonus Banana Bars and Homemade Lemonade.

Monday Zuppa Toscana

Tuesday Korean Beef Tacos

Wednesday Marry Me Chicken

Thursday Chicken Flautas

Friday Southern Fried Catfish

Bonus Banana Bars and Homemade Lemonade

Meal planning can be hard. And grocery shopping without a plan can be disastrous. Let me help!

Having a meal plan makes life so much easier. So we have thoughtfully put together a curated menu of 5 amazing dinner recipes each week so you don't have to plan. And the best part is, I have a free shopping list of ALL the ingredients for all five recipes making shopping a breeze.

My favorite part is the shopping list. Print it out or save it to your phone to make grocery shopping less of a hassle each week. If you don't want to make a particular recipe or already have items on the shopping list in your freezer or pantry, just cross them off the list! Each recipe is linked on the shopping list so you can easily find all five recipes.

We even included a bonus dessert because nothing makes us happier than a delicious treat after a good meal!

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Why Do I Need to Meal Plan?

We crafted these meal plans to be full of flavor and variety. A lot of these recipes are versatile so you can easily double it for a larger gathering, change out the protein, add more veggies, or just make it work for you!

My Weekly Meal Plans will help you:

  • Eat Healthier. When you have a plan there is no more last minute take out or overly processed foods which typically have more sugar, fat, and sodium than homemade foods. These meal plans will introduce you to a whole new variety of recipes and foods to try!
  • Save Money! Having a plan can help you save money and stay on budget, especially if you have gotten in habit of eating out. Seeing the ingredients can help you plan and shop for the best prices and avoid food waste. Plus, you know what you need so you don't browse up and down aisles grabbing items on impulse.
  • Save Time. You already know what you are making for dinner each day so you know what you need to prep. Also, shopping with a list keeps you on track and saves time since you can get your shopping done in one trip or know what ingredients to add to your cart for grocery pick-up or delivery.

*Most meals are made to serve 4-6 adults so adjust accordingly if you need to serve a bigger or smaller crowd.*

All the recipes for the week are highlighted below! Enjoy your week of cooking, delicious recipes, and easy planning!

Weekly Meal Plan Shopping List

Monday Zuppa Toscana

Tuesday Korean Beef Tacos

Wednesday Marry Me Chicken

Thursday Chicken Flautas

Friday Southern Fried Catfish

Bonus Banana Bars and Homemade Lemonade

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