These recipes showcase just some of the foods that Illinois is famous for. "The Prairie State" became the 21st state to join the U.S.A in 1818. It's the birthplace McDonald's, Cracker Jack, and Twinkies, and the source of 90 to 95% of all processed pumpkin sold in the United States! It's also the state that Abraham Lincoln called home for most of his adult life.

Illinois is especially well-known for it's famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Pierogi (Homemade Polish Dumplings), and Italian Beef Sandwiches. You might also be interested to know that Brownies reputedly made their first appearance at the famous 1893 Chicago World's Fair!

Chicago-style popcorn (a combo of cheese and caramel popcorn), pork tenderloin sandwiches, and Chicago-style hot dogs, are also all popular foods you might enjoy when visiting Illinois!