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Is there anything better than warm cookies with cold milk? I doubt it. Sometimes you just need a cookie! Or two or three. I’m here for you with all the best cookie recipes that will satisfy your cookie cravings!

Maybe you are in the mood for a classic chocolate chip cookie or soft & chewy M&M cookies? Or perhaps you feel like trying something more adventurous like toffee oatmeal chocolate chip cookies or double glazed lemon cookies. Or give my husband’s favorite snickerdoodle cookies a try!

I love baking cookies for friends and family and I’ve had a lot of practice over the years! I remember making up my own cookie recipes when I was 8 or 9 years old and forcing them on any of my siblings or parents who were brave enough to give them a try.

Thankfully my baking skills have improved with decades of practice because some of those first attempts were pretty bad!

Each of these cookie recipes has been tried and tested multiple times (dozens, maybe even hundreds, in a few cases) so they you get the best results with every batch. I have tried to include all my best tips and tricks in each case, although please note that I’m in California and you might need to make slight adjustments if you are baking at higher altitudes.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here or have baking questions, email me at and tell me what cookie recipes YOU want to see on here. I’ll see if I can add the recipe to my collection! Chances are I have one and just haven’t gotten around to posting it yet!