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Peaches and Cream Slab Pie is the perfect summer dessert for a backyard barbecue or potluck. Juicy sweet peaches and rich cream cheese filling in a flaky, buttery pie crust are perfect for any occasion where you know there will be a crowd.

We love summer fruit pies! Some of our other favorites are Apricot Pie, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, and Classic Homemade Blackberry Pie.

Slices of peaches and cream slab pie on plates next to a fresh peach.

Peaches are my favorite fruit and I look forward to peach season all year long! I have already shared a number of peach pie recipes on here like Fresh Peach Pie, Raspberry Peach Pie, and Southern Peach Pie, but I just can't get enough! So today I'm sharing a deliciously fresh and creamy take on peach pie that is portioned to serve a crowd!

Fresh peach slices on top of whipped cream on a peach slab pie.

We're talking peaches and cream slab pie that is made on a baking sheet and cut into squares instead of wedges! It's got a classic flaky pie crust that we all love pressed into a large baking sheet (think sheet cake, but in pie form!) then filled with a homemade peach pie filling and a creamy vanilla layer. Everything is topped off with whipped cream and more slices of fresh peaches for decoration.

It's going to be your new summer go-to dessert when you need something to take to a potluck and want to impress!

Ingredient Notes

This is a quick overview of some of the important ingredients you'll need for this peaches and cream slab pie recipe.

  • Pie crust: You will need 2 pie crusts to cover the bottom of this slab pie. You can either purchase refrigerated crusts or make my homemade pie crust instead.
  • Peaches: Fresh, frozen, or canned peaches will all work in this recipe. If using frozen or canned peaches, be sure to thaw completely and drain first.
  • Sugar: Granulated sugar is used to sweeten the peach filling and a little powdered sugar is added to the heavy cream for the whipped cream topping.
  • Cornstarch: This is the thickening agent that helps create the peach pie filling.
  • Lemon juice: A little lemon juice helps keep the flavors bright and also prevents the peaches from discoloring.
  • Cream cheese: The middle creamy layer benefits from the smooth texture and rich taste of a little cream cheese.
  • Vanilla pudding mix: You will add this to the cream cheese and milk for a rich, thick custard layer.
  • Milk: For making the pudding.
  • Heavy cream: This is mostly used for whipping and topping the slab pie, but a little also goes in to the custard layer.
  • Vanilla extract: For flavoring the homemade whipped cream.
Ingredients for peaches and cream pie.

How to Make This Recipe

It's easy to make this recipe. This is a quick overview with step-by-step images to help you visualize the process. Scroll down to the recipe card for printable, detailed instructions. Here is the basic approach:

  • Make and roll out the crust. Follow the directions for making my double pie crust, then refrigerate for at least an hour until well-chilled. Stack two pie crust discs on top of each other on a floured surface and use a rolling pin (affiliate link) to roll them out in a large 17x12-inch rectangle.
  • Press into baking sheet. The easiest way to transfer your pie crust from the floured surface to the baking sheet is by folding it over into fourths, then lifting it to the baking sheet and unfolding it into place. You may need to use a bench scraper or thin metal spatula to help lift the pie crust from the floured surface. Press any tears together.
  • Crimp and dock. Fold the rough edges of the crust over and crimp in a decorative pattern. Poke the crust all over with the tines of a fork (this is called "docking") to allow steam to escape while the crust bakes to help avoid bubbles and shrinkage.
  • Bake. You can use pie weights to blind bake the crust if you want to, but because it's such a large crust on a baking sheet it actually cooks through quickly in just 12-15 minutes in a 450 degree F oven. It should be golden brown when done.
  • Make the peach filling. While the crust cools, combine the peaches, sugar, cornstarch, and lemon juice in a large saucepan. Let sit for 5-10 minutes to draw out the juices, then cook over medium-high heat for 5-10 minutes until thickened. Cool completely.
  • Make creamy custard layer. While the pie filling is cooling, beat the cream cheese in a large bowl until creamy and smooth using an electric mixer. Add the pudding mix and milk, beating well to combine. Add 1 cup of the heavy cream and beat again.
  • Assemble. Spread the cooled peach filling over the cooled pie crust, then top with the custard layer, spreading it to the edges. Refrigerate for at least an hour until cold.
  • Make the cream. In a large bowl, beat the remaining heavy cream with the powdered sugar and vanilla extract until stiff peaks form. Spread over the chilled pie, then top with sliced fresh peaches for decoration, if desired. Cut into squares and serve. This pie is best enjoyed the same day it is made as the crust tends to get softer by the next day. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge though and we still enjoyed a slice on the second day, it's just not quite as good as when the pie is fresh.
Fresh peach slices decorating the top of a peaches and cream slab pie.

For the FULL RECIPE be sure to visit Imperial Sugar's site.

Recipe Tips and Tricks

  • Freeze crust before baking. I like to stick the rolled out pie crust in the freezer for 20-30 minutes before baking just to make sure the butter is still nice and cold. This results in steam while the crust bakes creating flaky layers.
  • If using frozen peaches thaw and drain first. If using canned peaches, drain well. If using fresh peaches, peel, pit, and slice before using.

Be sure to stop by Imperial Sugar's site for the FULL RECIPE. I have partnered with them now for a few years and love their products for my baking needs!

A slice of peaches and cream slab pie on an angle on a speckled plate.

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  1. I love peach desserts, they are so delicious! I'm going to try it for my husband's birthday. Thank you!

    1. This recipe was made with my partner, Imperial Sugar, and all of the recipe measurements are on their site with full instructions. It's linked multiple times in the post. 🙂