Have you started shopping for holiday gifts? Do you need gift ideas for the family? Well, I hope with this family gift guide I can help you out a little bit with some holiday gift ideas and make the madness of holiday shopping a little easier for you!

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Family Gift Guide

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. I’m just sharing some of my favorite things and there are a few affiliate links throughout.

Family Gift Ideas

Let me help you with the best family gift ideas that will help knock out that shopping list this year. I love this list because these gift ideas are for families of all ages. Each of these ideas or items are things we either have enjoyed ourselves, have given to others, or are gifts my friends have personally received and loved! This family gift guide has gifts the whole family can use and I hope you can get some fun holiday gift ideas for everyone!

Family Gift Ideas

1. Board Games - Does your family love board games? There are so many out there it is hard to choose which one to buy! Splendor (aff. link) is a fun game where you use development cards to acquire cards of gems and gold using chips to build up points and ultimately win the game. A game of strategy but also can have so many different outcomes! And Qwixx (aff. link) is a simple, fast game where you try to cross off as many numbers as you can to gain points! But choose wisely, you could get yourself stuck if you don’t cross off the right numbers. Invite friends over, eat some cookies, and have a fun game night!

2. Disney Plus Membership - I gifted this to my sister last year and her family loved it! (I think. Right, Jennie?) There are so many movies and shows for everyone of all ages and is our go to place to find a movie to watch. It's been a life-saver during 2020. A gift that keeps on giving the whole year! Gift this with a bucket of my peppermint bark caramel corn and be prepared for some happy smiling faces!

3. Tabletopics (Aff. Link) - I first heard about this in my kids' Chik-Fil-A kids meal where they received a mini pack with tabletopic cards. They were so fun and really sparked some fun conversation! Great for all ages!

More family gift ideas

4. Backyard Games - Have you ever seen those oversized yard games like Jenga (aff. link) or the giant dice (aff. link)? So many fun activities to do in the yard! Bocce Ball (aff. link) is another clear winner and there was a point in my life where my family was obsessed and we played every weekend. This is a game for all skill levels, and all ages. The one closest to the pallina (smaller target ball) gains points until the winning point is scored! Another family favorite is Corn Hole (aff. link)! My husband made a custom wood  set of cornhole and we have truly enjoyed playing it outside on those nice summer nights. This set looks like it is built for easy storage and easy to assemble. Great game to play with friends and family!

5. A Membership - My friend was once gifted a zoo membership and it was the best thing ever! She was able to take her kids (and friends) to the zoo whenever she wanted. More ideas could be a museum membership, a gym membership, or any kind of membership that you think would be perfect for your family! Of course, my love language is quality time so this kind of gift is right up my ally.

6. Snowcone machine (Aff. Link) - Before you roll your eyes at this gift idea, how much money do you spend a summer on those overpriced snowcones? Don’t waste any more money and make snowcones year round with this handy machine. Look at those reviews! Your whole family will love it. This is also so fun to pull out for events and parties! Warning though - you may be the neighborhood favorite with requests for custom snow cones!

Fun family holiday gift ideas

7. Chatbooks - I can’t tell you how many times my kids will grab our chatbooks and flip through the books looking at all the pictures. I love it, they love it, and it is the easiest way to get those pictures off your phone! It requires no effort and will print photos in a book directly from your instagram. Of course they offer lots of photo products but you can click here to get 1 free series photo book or $10 toward any photo product!

8. Gift Cards - You can buy gift cards to restaurants, the disney store, Amazon, movie theaters, GruhHub or DoorDash, and so much more! I have heard of families gifting a bunch of gift cards to kids or relatives and it would be so much fun going out to dinner together or going to the movies or shopping and not having to use your own money!

9. Kiwi Co - This is a fun company that makes projects for all ages and interests. They spend thousands of hours designing and testing their designs for the different crates. You pick a plan and a crate you want to order and they ship it out immediately. I am seriously blown away every time with their creative products and designs. They are so well made and kids get SO excited when a crate is delivered. This would be a fun gift to give your kids, grandkids, or even adults!

Got more great family gift ideas? Please share them in the comments below! I'm always on the lookout for fantastic ideas that I can surprise and delight my own family members with!

I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. 

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