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Macarons are little bites of heaven and come in so many wonderful flavors and colors! These are some of the best macaron flavors to help inspire you to make these delicious treats in your own kitchen!

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An image of homemade French macarons.

You don’t have to travel to France to visit Ladurée or pay $2 or more per macarons when you can make them at home yourself!

Once you have the hang of making French macarons, it’s such a fun way to let your creativity shine through!

What is the difference between macarons and macaroons?

It’s common for these two tasty treats to get confused with their similar spellings, but they are totally different desserts.

French macarons (pronounced mahk-rawn) have a light, sweet top and bottom shell made from egg whites and almond flour that are filled with buttercream, ganache, fruit curd, jam, or other fillings.

Macaroons are made with coconut and are a denser cookie that is often dipped in chocolate.

An image of pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, and lemon macarons on a plate.

Endless flavor possibilities

One of my favorite things about macarons are the wide array of beautiful colors and flavors that you can pick from.

Typically macarons get most of their flavor from the filling, which is usually either buttercream, fruit curd, preserves, or ganache.

But the shell can also be flavored with different types of ground nuts, freeze-dried fruit powder, or cocoa powder. And they can be dyed any color you like. Just be sure to use gel-based or powdered food coloring (affiliate link).

Here are some of the best macaron flavors I’ve found. Consider making more than one at a time so you can enjoy the contrast of flavors and the fun of choosing which to eat first!

25+ Best Macaron Flavors

Don’t be intimidated by this classic French dessert. With endless flavor possibilities, these beautiful little dainties not only taste as good (if not better) than the ones from a high-end bakery, but they don’t cost an arm and a leg!

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