Cozy up with these cinnamon recipes that celebrate all things cinnamon spice and bring comfort and warmth year round! There are cinnamon rolls and cookies, cheesecakes, waffles, snickerdoodles, churros, and more! All of these cinnamon-forward recipes are tried and true family favorites!

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Cinnamon is a popular spice known for its sweet and warm flavor, and it has a variety of uses in cooking, baking, and even for its potential health benefits. We have rounded up some of our favorite recipes with cinnamon to share with you to celebrate the return of Fall!

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a beloved spice derived from the bark of certain trees belonging to the Cinnamomum family. It is known for its warm, sweet, and slightly spicy flavor, which adds depth and aroma to a wide range of baked goods and other culinary delights.

The popular spice is used in various cuisines globally, from sweet treats like cinnamon rolls and apple pie to savory dishes. It's a versatile spice that brings warmth and richness to a wide range of recipes.

What does cinnamon taste like?

Cinnamon has a warm, sweet, and slightly spicy flavor that's hard to resist. Imagine the coziness of freshly baked cinnamon rolls or the aromatic spice in your favorite chai tea – that's cinnamon at work! It's often used in baking to add depth and warmth to desserts like apple pies, cookies, and cakes.

Our Favorite Cinnamon Recipes!

An image of a pan of frosted homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing.
Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
These big, soft Homemade Cinnamon Rolls are made with a rich, easy yeast dough and generous amount of cinnamon, sugar, and butter swirled in the middle. Then they are topped in a simple vanilla icing for the most amazing breakfast treat of your life!
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  1. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

I have made dozens and dozens of batches of cinnamon rolls and held off posting this recipe for YEARS in my quest to find the BEST cinnamon roll recipe even thought it was much requested by readers.

I tried every version under the sun, from Cinnabon copycat recipes to shortcut no-yeast cinnamon roll recipes. But this version is the one I keep coming back to time and time again because of it's ease, simplicity, and because they are just so darn incredible! Plus they have the best cinnamon roll icing around!

Copycat Crumble cinnamon roll cookies on a wire cooling rack.
Copycat Crumbl Cinnamon Swirl Cookies
These Copycat Crumbl Cinnamon Swirl Cookies are made with a thick buttery cookie base topped with a cinnamon sugar topping and hypnotic swirls of cream cheese frosting. They taste just like cinnamon rolls in cookie form!
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  1. Cinnamon Swirl Cookies

"Best cookies I’ve ever made!!! SOSOSOSO GOOD! Most crumbl copycat receipts don’t work for me because of the weather in Utah but these are perfect!" - Clarissa

"The best cookie recipe you will find on the internet. After I brought these cookies to a bake sale EVERYBODY was begging me for the recipe. I 100% recommend" - John

cinnamon honey butter spread on biscuits with more in jars to the side
Whipped Cinnamon Honey Butter
Whipped Cinnamon Honey Butter takes your bread, biscuits, muffins, and rolls to the next level!  It also makes a perfect edible food gift for the holidays!
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  1. Cinnamon Honey Butter

This quick and easy whipped cinnamon honey butter recipe comes together with just a handful of ingredients from the pantry and fridge that you can literally whip up in just a few minutes. It's a blend of sweet honey, creamy butter, warm cinnamon, and powdered sugar, with just a splash of vanilla.

A slice of cinnamon roll cheesecake on a plate.
Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake
This Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake is creamy, easy, and loaded with swirls of brown sugar and cinnamon filling in a smooth cheesecake base with a Biscoff cookie crust. It's definitely a crowd-pleaser!
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  1. Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

If a batch of cinnamon rolls and a classic cheesecake had a baby, this is what you would get. It's got all the classic cinnamon roll flavor in a creamy, dreamy slice of cheesecake. The simple glaze on top is the perfect finish!

This is a full-size copycat version of the Disneyland mini cinnamon roll cheesecakes at the Jolly Holiday Bakery & Cafe on Main Street. They are one of our favorite Disney treats so naturally we had to recreate them at home!

Your search for the best Snickerdoodle Cookies recipe is over!  This easy snickerdoodle recipe is my go-to for this cinnamon-sugar coated, soft and chewy sugar cookie recipe that is a perennial classic!
Best Snickerdoodle Cookies
Your search for the best Snickerdoodle Cookies recipe is over!  This easy snickerdoodle recipe is my go-to for this cinnamon-sugar coated, soft and chewy sugar cookie recipe that is a perennial classic!
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  1. Best Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies

"I made this recipe for snickerdoodles and they were all eaten within hours. My 11 year old and his friend couldn't eat them fast enough. I'm now making my second batch hoping I have some for Christmas. Best recipe ever. Thank you for sharing!!" - Vivian

"I have never made snickerdoodles until now. These were simply the most amazing bites of heaven. I made them for my nephew's graduation party. There was NONE left. Everyone raved. Thanks for the perfect recipe!" - Gayle

A Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bar treat square next to marshmallows.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bars
Gooey, crunchy, and full of our favorite breakfast cereal treat, these Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bars are basically just rice krispies treats made with a different kind of cereal, but somehow they manage to be something so much more!
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  1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bars

My friend Meredith brought these Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bars to a bake sale & car wash fundraiser that our church youth group was holding to raise money for summer camps. They were so delicious with the perfect ratio of gooey, stretchy marshmallow to crunchy cinnamon-sugar squares that I just couldn't resist them!

The cereal actually stays crunchy so the bars have the BEST texture with the soft marshmallow and substantial crunch from the cereal that lives up to its name. Your family is going to LOVE them.

An image of a piece of sour cream coffee cake with a bite taken out of it.
Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe with Cinnamon
This scrumptious Sour Cream Coffee Cake has a ribbon of cinnamon streusel in the middle and even more of the cinnamon-sugar goodness on top! It's perfect for breakfast and brunch, or even as a simple dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
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  1. Sour Cream Coffee Cake

There is nothing like a big slice of warm sour cream coffee cake. Somehow it manages to be light and fluffy while also tasting substantive and filling. It's unbelievably satisfying with the super moist yellow cake that is the perfect canvas for the buttery cinnamon brown sugar streusel.

An overhead image of TikTok cinnamon rolls in a white baking dish.
TikTok Cinnamon Rolls Recipe
Gooey, sweet, and oh-so-simple, these viral TikTok Cinnamon Rolls are the canned cinnamon roll hack that you didn't know you needed. So easy to make using canned Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls, we're taking these refrigerated favorites to the next level with just a few extra ingredients that make them extra delicious and taste like they are homemade with just 5 minutes of prep.
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  1. Viral TikTok Cinnamon Rolls

I'm all for making things from scratch but every now and then a semi-homemade treat like this canned cinnamon roll hack just hits the spot with way less effort than making a full batch of regular cinnamon rolls that require kneading, rising, and shaping.

This hack makes the cinnamon rolls softer and more gooey throughout. Like the inside of the cinnamon roll except the WHOLE THING is that way. Trust me, they are the easiest cinnamon rolls you will ever make!

Cinnamon Roll Waffles
Cinnamon Roll Waffles are a combination of two of our favorite breakfasts in one! Fluffy, golden buttermilk waffles get the royal treatment with a brown sugar cinnamon and maple cream cheese drizzle in this over-the-top breakfast mash-up!
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  1. Cinnamon Roll Waffles

My favorite buttermilk waffle recipe gets the cinnamon roll treatment by drizzling them with cinnamon brown sugar butter mixture to evoke that gooey center of a truly scrumptious cinnamon roll. And then of course they needed cinnamon roll icing to really sell the whole thing.

The end result is absolutely amazing. You actually get both waffle AND cinnamon roll in one bite and it totally works.

Cinnamon French Toast Sticks
Perfectly dippable and delicious, these Cinnamon French Toast Sticks are a bite-sized brunch option that are a tasty breakfast treat for kids and grown-ups alike!
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  1. Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

Freezer-friendly, kid-friendly, and finger-friendly, who can resist dunkable French toast sticks coated with a cinnamon egg custard? These are such a fun twist on a breakfast classic!

An image of homemade Churros made from scratch.
Homemade Churros
Crispy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside Homemade Churros are made with just a few simple ingredients and fried until golden-brown, then rolled in cinnamon and sugar for a crunchy sweet exterior. Also known as Mexican donuts, this easy recipe for homemade churros are even better than the ones you get at Disneyland!
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  1. Homemade Churros

Churros are a classic Mexican or Spanish dessert made from a non-yeast choux pastry dough that is actually a cinch to make and really versatile. In our travels abroad, we have enjoyed churros in Mexico and Spain, but if I'm being completely honest, it's the Disneyland churros that have always been my favorite until now.

Our family of four can easily finish off a single batch of these cinnamon-sugar coated churros in one sitting like it is nothing. So if you have more people that you are planning on serving, I definitely recommend doubling (or tripling!) the recipe. These are even better than Disneyland churros and infinitely superior to the Costco churros.

Fruit Salsa Recipe with Cinnamon Chips
This easy Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips is the perfect appetizer or healthy dessert to liven up any party or summer cookout! Kids and adults alike go crazy for this deliciously sweet fruit dip that takes the meaning of chips and salsa in a totally new direction!
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  1. Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

Deliciously crunch cinnamon chips topped with fruit salsa makes a great appetizer or snack, especially if you are lounging around poolside or watching the kids enjoy the sprinklers in the backyard. Or serve it as a refreshing summer dessert!

The prep is so simple and kids love to help make the cinnamon chips by brushing the tortillas with melted butter and sprinkling them with cinnamon and sugar.

Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread
This Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread is a cinch to prepare and absolutely scrumptious with it's thick swirl of cinnamon and brown sugar in the middle of rich, moist vanilla quick bread! There's even more cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top for a wonderful finish and a little crunch!
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  1. Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread

This cinnamon swirl quick bread is much quicker to make than yeast bread since you aren't waiting for the dough to double in volume before you can shape it or bake it. And every slice has a thick ripple of cinnamon in a tender, buttery crumb thanks to the sour cream in the batter.

The key to a perfect swirl is to first evenly divide the batter so you don't end up with too much on the bottom, which can cause the swirl layer to almost disappear into the top of the bread. We're all really here for that luscious cinnamon swirl in the center, right?

Churro Toffee (Disneyland Copycat Recipe)
This Disney Churro Toffee is a cross between the ever popular classic churro and delicious homemade toffee. The buttery toffee squares are coated in smooth white chocolate and topped off with a cinnamon sugar mixture. The first bite of this delectable treat is pure Disney magic. It's a major hit at the Parks for a good reason!
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  1. Disneyland Copycat Churro Toffee

Disneyland's churro toffee is one of the most popular items at Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure! How could anyone not fall in love with buttery, crunchy homemade toffee squares coated in white chocolate and cinnamon-sugar?!

Originally you could ONLY get this scrumptious treat at Disney California Adventure Park’s Trolley Treats located on Buena Vista Street. It has gained in popularity and is now sold at all the Disneyland bakeries including Marceline's Confectionery in Downtown Disney District.

For anyone that cannot hop on over to that magical place, you can make the Disneyland copycat churro toffee recipe right at home! It's really quite simple and can be made in your own kitchen, no standing in line!

A bowl of churro popcorn.
Churro Popcorn
This delicious Churro Popcorn is coated with a sweet buttery syrup and flavored with a warming cinnamon sugar mix. It's perfect for making last-minute snacking, and the whole family will love it!
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  1. Churro Popcorn

This Churro Popcorn has the perfect combination of buttery, sweet, salty, and spiced to level up your snacking. And for bonus points, it is ready in just about 10 minutes in the microwave!

A pitcher of ice cold horchata next to cups of horchata and sticks of cinnamon
Mexican Horchata
This Horchata Mexican drink recipe is a a slightly creamy, non-alcoholic agua fresca flavor made with cinnamon and rice and is perfectly refreshing. 
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  1. Horchata

At many taquerias you might notice large glass jugs or jars holding colorful agua frescas. Classic cinnamon & rice horchata (pronounced or-CHAH-tah, with a silent 'h") is one of the most popular Mexican drinks and one of our favorites!

It's made by soaking cinnamon sticks (particularly Mexican cinnamon sticks, which you can find at most grocery stores in the Hispanic food aisle or next to the spice section), ground with uncooked rice grains in the water and soaking them overnight before straining and finishing the drink the next day.

Cinnamon Candied Almonds
Crunchy, sweet Cinnamon Candied Almonds are an irresistible snack that always make me think of Christmas! They are baked in the oven at a low temperature and are foolproof!
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  1. Cinnamon Candied Almonds

One of my favorite scents in the world is the aroma of almonds being roasted with cinnamon and sugar at fairs or mall kiosks during the holidays. I can never resist them!

Candied almonds are delicious enjoyed as a snack on their own, used to garnish salads, or even incorporated into other desserts like ice cream or baked goods. Their irresistible combination of sweetness and crunch makes them a favorite at festivals, fairs, and holiday gatherings, adding a touch of indulgence to any occasion.

A plate of homemade baklava stacked on top of each other.
Greek Baklava Recipe
This Greek Baklava recipe makes a crispy and impressive sweet dessert! With walnuts and cinnamon layered between flaky phyllo dough brushed with melted butter, it's baked and then drizzled with sugar and sweet syrup!
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  1. Greek Baklava

"Wow! WOW WOW WOW! This was so good, I can't believe how well it turned out, it tastes amazing, I could not recommend this anymore. Thank you!" - Anil

"I always come back to this recipe for baklava. I've traveled abroad & tasted several versions including the Hungarian one but this one is best to me. My friends in Croatia like me to add very thin slices of lemon on top before baking. Me? I'm a purist. I'd lost the original link to the first recipe. Thanks for this one." - Jennifer

"My first baklava so I was very excited! My Greek husband thought it was the best baklava he has ever tasted! Thank you!" - Ingrid

a plate with a pile of korean pancakes on top of paper towels
Korean Hotteok Recipe
Hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancakes) is a popular Korean street food made from a simple yeast dough with a sweet syrupy filling made with brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts.  It makes a tasty snack or dessert, and could even be enjoyed at breakfast!
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  1. Hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancakes)

The chewy hotteok dough is fried in a little oil in a hot pan to make a golden crispy outer shell surrounding a cinnamony, hot, syrupy center laced with chopped walnuts. They are scrumptious, as you can tell by some of the five star reviews:

"Ahhhhhhh! I was craving this last week and decided to search for the recipe and yours was the first one that came up. Thank you SO MUCH! It’s wonderful! Doing the happy dance as I bit into one, hot off my pan. Ahhhh!" - Jennifer

"Hello, I just wanted to compliment on how perfect this recipe was. This adaption has so far been the best batch I've made and also the most delicious hotteok (this is coming from a Korean growing up on these 🙂 Definitely making this again tomorrow!! Thank you!" - Chai

Cinnamon French Toast
This classic, easy french toast recipe makes the most perfect, vanilla egg custard soaked cinnamon french toast in all the land. With buttery edges and soft insides. Let me show you how to make french toast that is perfect for breakfast or brunch.
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  1. Cinnamon French Toast

French toast is so simple to make and tastes delicious with lots of different toppings. I especially love topping it with honey. It's something I picked up when we were traveling through Cappadocia in Turkey and I've preferred French toast with honey ever since.

This French toast recipe is made with brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg in the egg mixture to take your plain French toast to the next level! Make it with your favorite thick-cut challah bread, Texas toast, or brioche bread for a deliciously elevated breakfast!

Honey Bun Cake
Serving up warm squares of this easy Honey Bun Cake is sure to make your family happy! It is made with a thick ribbon of cinnamon sugar swirled through a moist yellow cake mix, then glazed with a sweet and simple icing to mimic those classic lunch snack cakes.
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  1. Honey Bun Cake

This honey bun cake recipe is so easy that you can have slices of gooey, warm cake on the table for dessert in a little under an hour. It is like coffee cake and cinnamon rolls got married and had a baby and it is this honey bun cake!

While I typically make most things from scratch, this one starts with a cake mix and we add some sour cream, vanilla extract, and almond extract to really enhance the flavor without much extra effort. It's such a great dessert when you need something quick but don't have a lot of time!

An image of cinnamon walnut rugelach on a wire cooling rack.
This recipe makes the most delicious buttery, flaky Rugelach filled with cinnamon and walnuts! Rugelach is such a unique, fun treat to make and share during the holidays and is perfect for a cookie exchange!
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  1. Cinnamon Walnut Rugelach

Rugelach is a cross between a pastry and a cookie and it is made with a simple dough rolled around a wide variety of fillings like apricot, chocolate, and raspberry, but the classic cinnamon walnut raisin rugelach is one of our favorites.

Rugelach originated in Jewish communities in eastern Europe and I've seen it attributed to both Poland and Russia. The dough is made with cream cheese, which gives it a really wonderful flavor and texture that contrasts with the sweet fillings that make for a wonderful cookie with old world charm.

What is Mexican cinnamon?

Mexican cinnamon, often referred to as "Canela," is a type of cinnamon native to Mexico and some Central American countries. While similar to Ceylon cinnamon, Mexican cinnamon has its own distinct flavor and characteristics.

Mexican cinnamon is known for its robust, spicy-sweet flavor and woody aroma. It is often considered a stronger and more intense version of Ceylon cinnamon. The cinnamon sticks or quills from Mexican cinnamon are typically darker in color and thicker compared to the finer and lighter Ceylon cinnamon sticks.

What are the different types of cinnamon?

There are two main types of cinnamon: Cassia and Ceylon. Cassia is more common and has a stronger flavor, while Ceylon is milder and considered "true" or "sweet" cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon is known for its delicate, mild taste. In contrast, Cassia cinnamon has a more powerful, spicier flavor and is the type more commonly found in most Western countries and supermarkets, so it is more common in many Western dishes.

Is cinnamon good for you?

Cinnamon isn't just a tasty addition to your kitchen; it also boasts potential health benefits. Some folks believe it can help regulate blood sugar levels and improve heart health. It's also rich in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can aid in digestion by reducing gas, bloating, and nausea. Some research even suggests that cinnamon could have cognitive-enhancing effects and may help protect brain cells!

What is the difference between Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon?

Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon differ primarily in flavor and appearance. Ceylon cinnamon has a milder, sweeter taste, while Cassia cinnamon has a stronger, spicier taste and a darker color. Ceylon cinnamon has thin, fragile quills with a paler light tan color, whereas Cassia cinnamon sticks are thicker and reddish-brown. Ceylon cinnamon is often considered the "true" or "sweet" cinnamon, while Cassia cinnamon is more commonly found in many supermarkets. In our experience, they can be used interchangeably in most recipes.

Where does cinnamon come from?

Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon, the two most popular types, come from the bark of certain trees, mainly grown in tropical regions like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India.

The process of obtaining cinnamon involves harvesting the inner bark of these trees. Workers carefully strip away the outer bark and then scrape off the thin, delicate inner bark. This inner bark is then dried, which causes it to curl into the characteristic cinnamon sticks, also known as quills.

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