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The sweet taste of real maple syrup and nutty, rich toasted pecans takes center stage in these delightful Maple Pecan Blondies. Top them with vanilla ice cream for a fantastic treat!

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Blonde brownie squares topped with pecans on white parchment paper.

Maple tends to be one of those flavors that often gets relegated to Fall-themed desserts, but I really don't see why it shouldn't get more attention year round. After all, maple walnut ice cream is one of my all-time favorite ice cream flavors!

I think too many people just think of maple as a breakfast treat that is poured over pancakes in syrup form. To make matters worse, so many of us have only really experienced the thick, artificial syrup that doesn't come close to the flavor of real maple and is more like colored corn syrup.

These blondies definitely have the unique, luscious flavor of maple thanks to some real maple syrup, and an extra boost of flavor thanks to a small amount of maple extract.

And the sweet, crunchy pecans are the perfect compliment to the moist maple blondie. If you don't have pecans on hand, walnuts are a great substitution in this recipe.

Maple pecan blondies stacked on top of each other.

We typically eat these blondies unadorned beyond a scoop of ice cream, but you could always frost them with a delicious cream cheese or maple frosting for an extra decadent treat.

What are blondies?

Blondies are like brownies except without the chocolate. They are usually made with brown sugar and have a noticeable butterscotch flavor.

You can make them all in one bowl just using a whisk or a spoon, which is super convenient when the desire for a last-minute treat strikes you.

How to make maple pecan blondies

Start by melting butter and mixing it with brown sugar and granulated sugar in a large bowl. Beat in eggs, then add the maple syrup, vanilla extract, and maple extract. This can all be done by hand with a whisk or using an electric mixer.

Add the flour, salt, and baking soda, stirring just until no streaks of flour remain, then stir in the chopped pecans, holding just ¼ cup of the pecans in reserve to sprinkle over the top of the blondies.

A glass mixing bowl full of blondie batter and chopped pecans.

Pour into a 9x9-inch baking dish lined with a parchment paper sling to make for easy removal and cutting when these bars are finished. I am notorious for cutting crooked lines when brownies and bars are in the pan, but if I can pull them out and put it on a cutting board, my dessert presentation is much better!

Maple pecan blondie batter in a square baking dish lined with parchment paper and chopped pecans sprinkled on top.

Bake for 30-35 minutes at 375 degrees F until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out with just a few crumbs on it. Don't overbake these blondies or they will turn out dry.

They aren't as fudgy or dense as some brownies, but they aren't cakey either. It's just a wonderful, blondie texture that I love, made even better with the interesting flavor twist.

Blondies cut into 12 squares topped with chopped pecans on a cutting board.

We enjoy topping our maple pecan blondies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkling them with extra chopped pecans and a drizzle of caramel sauce or maple syrup. It's a fabulous, unusual dessert that satisfies any sweet tooth!

A maple walnut blondie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Freezing and storage

Store the sliced maple pecan blondies in an airtight container on the counter for up to 4 days. Or they also freeze really well for up to 3 months. Just reheat in the microwave for a few seconds for a delicious, warm blonde brownie laced with the flavors of maple syrup and pecans.

Maple pecan blondies cut into squares and arranged haphazardly on white parchment paper.

The FULL RECIPE is on my partner Imperial Sugar’s site, so click through to make these irresistibly nutty and sweet blondies! Each month we collaborate to bring a great recipe to you using their wonderful products, and you can see all of them over on their site!

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A square baking pan filled with blondies topped with pecans.

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